At Vibrance Medical Spa, we understand that it can be difficult to pay up front for spa services, such as fillers, injectables or lasers. That is why we work with various companies that offer medical spa services financing with low monthly payments.

Where Can I Find Medical Spa Services Financing?

Companies like CareCredit and PatientFi are taking the beauty industry by storm, making it easier to afford cosmetic procedures.

Applying for Medical Spa Services Financing

It is quick to apply at both CareCredit and PatientFi and there are a variety of payment plans to choose from, depending on the term and monthly payment you choose. Most plans don’t have pre-payment penalties and low-interest rates are available. Please keep in mind that we do not offer every program that is available on the financing websites so once you receive approval please contact our office and discuss the various plans with our staff.

Get Started Now!

Financing your medical spa services procedures can be easy!

  1. Apply directly to CareCredit or PatientFi.
  2. Receive approval
  3. Contact our office at (530) 885-3121 to discuss the plans you were approved for with our staff and schedule your services.

Contact Our Office